How good is unity for game development?

March 29, 2018
March 29, 2018 Milan Jobanputra

Why You Should Be Using the Unity Game Engine?

Let’s see how good is unity for game development,
Developing the 2D and 3D game apps for different platforms was quite a task as a mobile game development for various platforms involves a lot of time, efforts, and dollars. But, the launch of the Unity engine at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference turned the table upside down.

The powerful cross-platform engine enabled the game app development for 27 platforms and distinct devices in a user-friendly development environment. It provides a wealth of resources such as intuitive tools, ready-made assets, clear documentation, tutorials and online community at free to create amazing 3D content in the games.

Rendering, Scripting, asset tracking and physics are some of the features of Unity game development that reduce the time and cost of game development and offers flexibility to deploy projects on multiple platforms. The benefits have stacked up the Unity engine on the top of the cross-platform game development ladder.

According to a survey, “The Unity 3D engine has 45 % of Global Game Engine market share and preferred by 47% Game developers as the primary development tool.”
It’s awesome. But, the engine has some shortcomings as well, which makes the developers reluctant to use the engine for the next-Gen game app development.

Reasons That Grows Efficiency of Unity3D :

1) Platform support
The engine is highly preferred for its extended support to 27 platforms. The app developed and deployed can be easily shared between PC, web and mobile platforms. Besides, the agile methodology enables speedy prototyping and constant releases, which in turn speed up the game development.
2) IDE
The text editor is provided by IDE to write the code, but sometimes a distinct code editor is also used by the developers to alleviate confusion. Additionally, the integrated development editor support JavaScript and C# for scripting, and also offers notable features that are ideal for the game development.
3) Graphics
The high-quality audio and visual effects are supported by the engine that eases the game development. The visuals are adaptable on every screen and device without any distortion or compromise with the image quality.
4) Documentation
It’s a must-have. The novice developers need the easy-to-understand documentation that’s provided in detail by the Unity engine. The detailed documentation includes the explanation of every small topic.
5) Debugging
The debugging and tweaking is amazingly easier with Unity game development because all the game variables are displayed during gameplay, which in turn allow the developers to debug the process at runtime.

Why The Game Developers Prefer Unity3D As Their Game Engine?

  • 20% of the game development process on Unity3D is about coding and thus extensive skills of programming are not essential.
  • Unity3D also offers the free license which makes it open for the game developers across the world.
  • The support system of Unity3D is quite responsive to support the developers.
  • The asset store of Unity is quite helpful and resourceful for the developers which can be accessed directly from the Unity environment.
  • Installation and usage guide are described in step by step process which makes it easy to understand.
  • Unity integrates global illumination technologies that help in the development of games with realistic features within the 3D environments.
  • Unity3D easily handles two timelines which allow the users to choose two timelines in one time.

Amazing Games Are Developed On Unity3D
In comparison to its upper class, Unity3D has a larger fan base. Several large corporate and Indie developers chose Unity over other game development engines. Unity3D is used by many companies for researchers, simulations, and demonstrations as well. The game gallery of Unity provides the insights of some of the amazing games that are developed on Unity platform. There are several popular games with different features in its catalog. Check Out awesome Unity games developed by Hire unity Developer.


Unity3D game engine integrates the most powerful and versatile tools for developing games. Popular games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers are also developed on Unity3D. The class of Unity3D is distinguished for its wide array of features that are outstanding. Features like visual editor, multi-platform game build support, full and robust scripting and animation system are beyond comparison. For its simple interface and friendly development environment as well as cross-platform support, Unity3D has vast popularity in the game development industry across the world.

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