How to create 3D particles in Unity 3D

February 11, 2019
February 11, 2019 Shweta Jobanputra

3D Particle Objects

The main objective of this post is to help you create particles of 3D objects like cube, shpere or any of your required mesh.

Step 1 :

Create New blank scene

Step 2 :

Create Plane for the base

Step 3 :

Set Position, Rotation and Scale.

Step 4 :

Create Material and name it Base.

Step 5 :

Set albedo to (5, 130, 220) in RGB format.


Step 6 :

Assign this material to Plane.

 Step 7 :

Create Particle System.

Step 8 :

Set Position, Rotation and Scale.

Step 9 :

Create Material and name it Particle.

Step 10 :

Set albedo to (220, 5, 55) in RGB format.

Step 11 :

Assign this material to Particle System.

Step 12 :

To convert particles into 3D objects change Render Mode in Renderer section of Particle System to “Mesh”.

Step 13 :

Select Cube in Mesh Section (You can select any like sphere, capsule etc.)

Step 14 :

You can see this output till now.

Step 15 :

Reduce Rate Over Time to 2 in Emission section.

Particle Emission

Step 16 :

Change Shape to Box.

Step 17 :

Set Box X to 25.

Step 18 :

Set Start LifeTime to 15 and Start Speed to 2.

Step 19 :

Set Rotation Over LifeTime -> select separate Axes and Select Random between Two Constants.

Step 20 :

Set Axes same as following.

And that’s it, you have successfully created particles of 3D objects.

I hope you find this article helpful while creating 3D particles. Let me know by posting comment if you have any questions.

Shweta Jobanputra

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